Contact Information:

2210 E. LaSalle St. #219
Colorado Springs, CO 80909

Felice Liquori: 
(719) 330-7244

Kyla Knapp:
(719) 338-8738

Our Group Homes

Future Bound

Future Bound is a small girls Group home that has 6 beds. They serve girls between the ages of 12-18. They have served Offense specific youth and trafficking girls. They are highly effective in trauma therapy and sex abuse victims. Their program is highly structured and they have a high success rate. They are located in Colorado Springs. 

Nevada House

Nevada House is an 11 bed boys group home serving boys from 14-18. Located downtown Colorado Springs. They are highly effective with Offense Specific youth but do have a mixed population. NH also has a built in emancipation program and an apt on the third level for youth going out on their own to practice ‘freedom’ with supervision before they actually emancipate. 

Drew’s Place

Drew’s place is an 8 bed boy’s group home located in Fountain. They serve boys 15-18 years old. They work with Drug and Alcohol youth, offensive specific youth and conduct disorder. They have built in IDL skills into their program and they are highly structured. They have an in-house therapist as well as work well with community services and the local schools. They help most youth become involved in extra curriculum activities and community jobs. 

Jeremiah 29

Jeremiah 29 is a 5 bed program working with boys 10-13 years old. These are boys that have been in treatment facilities that are in need to get re-established with public school, the community and their family so the can be returned home. This home will have a high level of supervision and a strong emphasis on social skills and following directions.  

We pride ourselves on the following functions that all of our group homes offer:

1.  24/7 staff with highly supervision policies
2.  Very home like environment with two youth per room. 
3.  Independent living skills taught to all youth, built into program. 
4.  Specialized treatment goals designed for emancipation youth. 
5.  Family training on how to transition a youth from group home to family home.
6.  Directors working with community schools on a daily basis and homework time and tutoring when needed. 
7.  In house therapist for all youth.
8.  Community therapy for Drug and Alcohol and Offense specific treatment.
9.  All youth are transported to and from school, work and all medical appointments. We will also work with out of county youth on home passes. This is negotiated with each youth. 

Our Vision is to provide a safe, therapeutic environment to work on healing the effects of abuse and neglect, and to help these kids turn their lives around.