Pam was 12 when she arrived at FUTURE BOUND. She was severely abused physically and sexually. Over the years she worked hard on building her self-esteem and working through the issues of abuse and learning to trust adults again. When Pam was 14, a famous couple became interested in her, and began working with her on the very slow process of helping her build a new life. In 2007, they adopted her. Pam now lives in California, and enjoys her new life with her dad who loves her, and he is supporting her the way she deserves. She is doing well in high school, taking acting classes and living like a "regular" teenager. 

 John was 15 when he arrived at NEVADA HOUSE, also abused as a young child. He started to get into trouble as an adolescent, and was placed on probation. John was sent to NH to emancipate out of the foster care system. With our support, he graduated from High School with a 3.0 grade point average. He went to Western State University for one semester, but felt he could not handle college at that time. He returned back to Colorado Springs and even though he had "aged out of the system," NH continued to help him. John enlisted into the Navy, where he is doing well. We are the only family he really knows, and he comes back often on his breaks to share his inspiring story with our current residents.
Over the years we have experienced many successes and have many more stories of children growing up to lead happy, healthy lives. Please help us continue to work with these kids as we help them turn their lives around. 
There is no truer statement then the one that states it takes a village to raise a child. That is so true and without your help we could never accomplish this sometime very overwhelming task It takes a tremendous amount of resources to provide a quality living environment for the young men and women served by our homes. We couldn't do it without your support!!
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